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They Call it Hypnosis. Bandler, R. Patterns of the hypnotic techniques of Milton H. Meta Publications. Ideas for reproducing Erickson's use of language in trance inductions.

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The model is based on transformational grammar and split-brain research. The forward was written by Erickson. Barber, J. Psychological Approaches to the Management of Pain. Five of eleven chapters focus on Ericksonian methods of pain management, one written by Erickson himself. See Newsletter : 14 1 p Battino, R.

Ericksonian Approaches: A Comprehensive Manual by Rubin Battino, Thomas L. South (Hardback, 2005)

Crown House. Bauer, Sofia M. Hipnoterapia Ericksoniana Paso a Paso. In Portuguese. Reclaiming Her Story Ericksonian solution focused therapy for sexual abuse.

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See Newsletter : 16 3 p4. Calof, D. Hypnotic Techniques. The Couple who Became Each Other.

Ericksonian Hypnosis: How To Mine For Metaphors

Bantam Books. See Newsletter : 17 1 p Combs, G. The authors illustrate the artistic and metaphorical side of Ericksonian psychotherapy. See Newsletter : 13 1. Cooper, L. An Experimental and Clinical Investigation. The results of Erickson and Cooper 1 s experimental and clinical work in this area.

Much of this material is included in the Collected Papers.

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Hypnotic and Conditioning Approaches. Keys to Solution in Brief Therapy. Dolan, Y. A Path with a Heart. Ericksonian utilization with resistant and chronic patients. This book presents an extension of Ericksonian principles and techniques into work with difficult, multi-problem, long-term patients. Resolving Sexual Abuse. Solution focused therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis for adult survivors.

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See Newsletter : 12 3. Edgette, J. The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in Psychotherapy.

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  4. See Newsletter : 16 1 p Encyclopedia Britannica. Special Collection:. Papers by Milton H.

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    July ASCH Journal. A collection of papers published by Milton H. Erickson in the ASCH journal. The Seminars of Milton H. Foundation Press. This is an edited transcription of a seminar by Erickson in San Diego , April 29, It is the first in a series. Therapeutic Approaches to Altered States. The third book in the series, containing a transcript of a lecture on hypnosis in psychiatry by Erickson and discussion of various therapeutic techniques and approaches. Includes a description of Erickson's famous nonverbal arm catalepsy induction technique. Two audiocassettes of the lecture mentioned above accompany this book.

    An Exploratory Casebook. The second book in the series. This volume deals extensively with hypnotic therapy, utilizing numerous case examples and transcripts. A tape of a therapy session, conducted by Erickson, with a man with phantom limb pain and his wife with tinnitus accompanies this book. See Newsletter : 10 1. This book was compiled primarily from transcripts of workshops for medical, psychological and dental professionals given by the authors during the late s. It was reissued in with a foreword by Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph. See Newsletter : 10 2 p The first book in a series of three co-authored by Erickson and Rossi. Gives an overall model for Erickson's hypnotic approaches. Contains numerous discussions and commentaries on transcripts of inductions.

    Accompanied by an audiocassette of Erickson doing two inductions with the same subject. Evans, B. Provides an introduction to Ericksonian methods. See Newsletter : 19 1 p Fisch, R. The Tactics of Change. This book was dedicated to Milton H. The Hypnoanalysis of an Anxiety Hysteria. Julian Press. Gilligan, S. This book is Gilligan's overview of Ericksonian hypnotherapy, including his model of symptom phenomena as self-devaluing trance phenomena and how to transform them into self-valuing assets.

    A general discussion of the major schools of hypnosis is included to put Erickson's approach into context. Gordon, D. Therapeutic Metaphors. Helping others through the looking glass. Therapeutic patterns of Milton H. Uses material from Erickson's teaching seminars to illustrate the principles discussed. Grinder, J. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson M. Offers conceptions of sensory-based maps, different approaches for congruent and incongruent clients and other ideas about Erickson's hypnotic work.