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LyX 1. Some of those communications can be malicious e.

In order to provide an improved security view on those AS numbers, a trust. BGP ranking is a free software to calculate the security ranking of a specific. The system is gathering external datasets e. The purpose is to show the malicious activities of a specific AS and maybe. Context, motivation and non-technical view. Internet is a decentralized network with a bunch of operators, each operator. Without this exchanges, Internet can not work. There is three different types of peering. Transit: you pay a provider to provide you a transit across its network.

Peer: you exchange traffic with an other provider freely for. Customer: you sell an access across your network to your customers. But it will also provide redundancy, improve the capacity of each network. Two ISPs of the same size exchange traffic freely but when they need to. When a smaller provider downstream provider want to peer with an ISP,. The Border Gateway Protocol is the protocol. This protocol is commonly presented as the routing protocol of the Internet,.

It is a path vector protocol: the routing table contains the destination. In the practice, every router maintains a routing table to associate a network. There is always more than one possible route to reach a particular network,. On a security point of view, we can for example blackhole the traffic to. The operators on the Internet exchange their routes, it is obvious that. That is why there are Autonomous systems numbers ASNs. This service is described like this on the website. RIS offers tools that bring this data to the Internet community.

The service provide a dump of the routing database directly extracted from. This dump is exported each eight hours and contains around An other very important point to keep in good memory is that the routes. A change is a new route: an ASN announce a new network or a dropped route:. Thanks to this dump, it is possible to compute the number of IP addresses. If you want to see graphs and visualize the evolution of the routes by AS. This service allow also to fetch in real time the ASN assignation of an. IP address and usually to get a small textual description of this AS. The well-known whois protocol allows us to fetch information on the owners.

Even if the malicious ISP controls some objects of the whois entries e. A whois entry contains much more information than a riswois entry but is. The most interesting information you can find in the whois entry is the. We should speak of whois databases and not whois database because there. To get the most precise information on a particular IP Address, it is important.

The implementations of whois clients maintain an list of assignations to. The implementation of Debian contains also the whois servers of some Local. Almost all the databases are incompatible with each other, the keys and. It is possible to find some datasets freely available on the Internet but.

If the attacker know this methods, he will attempt to be more stealthy. But their level of trust is variable, the methods used to generate the. To be exhaustive on this description of the datasets we have to say that.


The dataset provided by Arbor is not freely available and their quality. Data is captured by using a distributed network of sensors running a number. And this information are merged with logs, statistics and reports to have. Atlas provide also some more information such as an URL to get more information,.

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The lists of Dshield are public and they are generated using only the firewall. The first one is a full dump of the today's information, no filtered at. But this list stays interesting because of the big amount of IPs it contains. The second contains only the "Top " of the daily dump and less false. This list is only concentrated on one unique thread: ZeuS.

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The mission of the Shadowserver Foundation is presented like this on the. The Shadowserver Foundation is an all volunteer watchdog group of security. It is the mission of the Shadowserver Foundation to improve the security. They are working the same way as Arbor by providing reports on particular. AS, only to the members but they does not have to pay for it. It is completely different: Abusix does not provide list but permit to find.

The data coming from Abusix are usually good but should be verified because. This raw-datasets will be aggregated and analyzed to see their evolution. Internet has always been an interesting place for the cybercriminals: virus. In the past, the malwares were often used to beak a computer or make them. Not anymore: already in , Kaspersky proclaim the. Now this activity is a real business with organizations doing malwares,.

One of the most used way to commit illegal activities on the Internet these. A botnet is a network of devices Bots infected by a malware which are. The Botmaster is often an organization which rent a certain amount of infected.

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A botnet may be used to perform DDOS attack on servers, exchange data, provide. The big advantage for the cybercriminals is that they are virtually invisible. An other advantage is that it costs almost nothing to them: they does not. The Bot-master will communicate with his Bots to give orders, the bots will. As we can see, the communication is the key of a Botnet. We can easily understand that if we are able to stop the communication. This techniques are called black-holing: all the data coming or to the. As we can see, there is a gap between the world where everybody will peer.

We need a way to be able to know what is happening in his network and respond. An other point to keep in good memory is that the Internet is based on confidenc.

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Or at least his bandwidth will be reduced, even if the the suspicious traffic. This is why it is a necessity for each Internet operator to know what for. This task is critical for every ISP and of course for the satellite operators. To know the reputation of the traffic he is routing and mitigate the malicious.

see There are at least three goals which can be achieved by using a ranking. ISPs or the customers that a particular AS is a bad peer or that the websites.