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A controversial figure throughout his career, Salisbury was firm in his resistance to Irish Home Rule, an aspect that Steele skillfully scrutinizes in brilliant detail. More than any other British statesman, Lord Salisbury was responsible for the successful international diplomacy that secured Britain's place among the great powers and in guiding the enormous territorial expansion of the British Empire during his time at the Foreign Office.

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Critically acclaimed in hardcover, this is the first substantial reassessment of this influential leader since the early s that sheds new light on the private and political aspects of Lord Salisbury's very public career. This is a job well done. Help Centre.

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Lord Salisbury: A Political Biography

Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. During the last two years of his ministry, from the autumn of until the summer of , old age and ill health forced him to give up the Foreign Office, though he continued as prime minister. With Lord Lansdowne as the new foreign secretary, he saw his principles of diplomacy partially abandoned when Britain concluded an alliance with Japan in January Later that year, in July, Salisbury retired.

Michael Bentley. Lord Salisbury's World: Conservative Environments in Late-Victorian Britain

Salisbury was the last aristocratic statesman to head a British government while in the House of Lords and not the elected Commons. He represented a tradition that passed away with him. His contemporaries recognized his greatness as a statesman. He combined a realism and clarity of view with a fundamentally ethical approach to diplomacy, which sought to conciliate and pacify while maintaining important national interests. Article Media.

A Political Biography, 1st Edition

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Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Its nature is this: inner and outer worlds of thought and action cannot be reduced to one another; nor can they be treated or thought about separately. And thus we are treated here to the work of contingency. The Hatfield archive, unfortunately, was closed to Bentley as he prepared this study, but he was able to take advantage of copies of Salisbury material left behind when these materials were at Christ Church, Oxford.

Additionally, he makes assiduous use of thirty-three collections of unpublished manuscripts to open, expose, and reveal Lord Salisbury's world from the many different angles of Torydom. And what is revealed is a dark, skeptical, suspicious Salisbury in a dark, skeptical, suspicious Conservative world.

Bounded by Hatfield, the House of Lords, the cabinet, the Foreign Office, and France where Salisbury built two homes , it was a world of isolation, and, therefore, a world of anxiety.

3rd Marquess of Salisbury Facts

Tory grandees shielded themselves from the wider world of liberal opinion as much as they could. Salisbury, with his powerful intellect, thought deeply about many things, but then he thought carefully to conceal his brooding musings. Even a daughter-in-law misunderstood the mental powers [End Page ] of the Cecils when she called Hatfield Gaza, the capital of Philistria. Yet such a misunderstanding is also revealing because it shows how far Salisbury and his associates were prepared to conceal what they wished to know about the larger world of thought and action.

In Salisbury's case, perhaps enhanced by an unsatisfactory youth and an unsatisfactory relationship with his father, it was a kind of emotional isolation. When Francis Balfour, the Professor of Animal Morphology in the University of Cambridge and Salisbury's nephew, died climbing Mont Blanc Salisbury consoled himself with the thought that science, like all forms of Truth, never suffers from the loss of a single individual.