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Frieman and D. Schramm eds. World Scientific, New Jersey, Sommer-Larsen, Galactic halo structure and the inference of dark objects' masses from microlensing events, Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Identification of Dark Matter N. Spooner ed. Sommer-Larsen, Microlensing, structure of the galactic halo and determination of the mass function of dark objects Mon. Convection in a spherically symmetric accretion flow, Mon. Classical stability and quantum instability of black-hole Cauchy horizons and E. Poisson Phys. Possibility of determining cosmological parameters from measurements of gravitational waves emitted by coalescing compact binaries Phys.

D Vol. Cutler, C.

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Investigations of shadowing e! For a free nucleon this leads to the following picture: prior to its interaction with the target the virtual photon uctuates into a hadronic state with invariant mass k. Here the integrals over initial and "nal hadronic uctuations and their propagators are made explicit. L LL L The next step in simpli"cation is to consider only diagonal m"n and nearest o!

An extension of this approach to nuclear targets involves multiple scattering of hadronic uctuations from several nucleons.

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The multiple scattering process is described by a coupled channel optical model [,] which accounts for the shadowing criteria in Eq. Vector mesons and quark scattering We add a few remarks and references about approaches dealing with DIS in terms of quark dynamics. The starting point in Ref. O, 58 G.

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In Ref. One "nds that vector mesons carry more than half of the shadowing e! Green function methods The previously mentioned models have outlined in di! Several questions are faced in this context. All those aspects can be uni"ed within a coordinate-space Green function approach. We follow here the presentations in Refs. The longitudinal z- direction is de"ned by the photon three-momentum, as usual. The color dipole cross section p b has the characteristic color screening behavior, i. It satis"es a wave equation [] which can be made plausible by the following considerations. Note the di!

OO ii No absorption: Take the limit pP0 in the wave equation 5. Inserting Eq. In this case the wave equation 5. Instructive results are discussed in Ref. Meson exchange and shadowing Up to now we have concentrated on di! The coherent interaction of the photon with several nucleons in the target nucleus can also involve non-di! These are commonly described by the exchange of mesons and sub-leading reggeons. Modi"cations to nuclear structure functions at small x through meson exchange have been investigated in Refs. In this work signi"cant e!

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  • Here, as in di! Contributions from the exchange of other mesons, e. For the double scattering contribution through pion exchange one "nds in analogy with Eq. The form factor in Eq. The momentum-space wave function of the deuteron with polarization m is denoted by tK. Note that the energy of the exchanged pion is determined by k "M! It is common to factorize the semi-inclusive di! Here, however, only the region x'0. An extraction of the pion structure function at small x from semi-exclusive reactions at HERA has been discussed recently in [,].

    The resulting pionic correction dppH to double scattering turns out to be positive, i. The relative weight of dppH decreases with decreasing x. Interpretation of nuclear shadowing in the inxnite momentum frame In this section we brie y discuss how nuclear shadowing develops in the in"nite momentum frame where the parton model for deep-inelastic scattering can be applied.


    We found in Section 4. One then expects that the interaction of partons belonging to di! Shadowing at x 0. At the same time parton fusion leads to an enhancement of partons at x'0. Procedures for modeling nuclear parton distributions at small x have been proposed in Refs. Recombination e! It should be mentioned that the calculation of the recombination e!