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The success of mobile financial services and branchless banking in Africa is a case in point, and testament to the benefits which are flowing from such confluence. For that success is based on a combination of factors: a simple, low-cost and non-traditional technology platform; partnerships with mobile providers and distribution channels; and a light-touch regulatory framework.

The right things are being brought together in the right way. Against this backdrop, the temptation will be to say that the time of the developed economies is over.

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I think that would be too hasty a judgment. I believe that Africa's rise can be an inspiration to us all, offering timely lessons in a world where financial markets have been rocked by turbulence and uncertainty. And can and should be the year we start to get back on the move.

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The deleveraging of the private sector is nearly complete and governments have taken steps to clean up their own balance-sheets and create the room for economies to breathe. I am confident that governments around the world will take measures to encourage and support business and we will start to see real economic growth. Taking Africa as a model proves instructive. In Africa, it is clear from the meetings I have with political leaders, central-bank governors and businesses that they value the contribution the financial-services industry makes to a growing economy.

African countries are seeing how sound governance, economic and political stability and pro-market economic policies are producing a new entrepreneurial class eager to create new industries and services to meet the needs of growing numbers emerging from poverty. The same principles can be applied elsewhere. They must also support the drive to rebuild certainty and confidence around a safe and sound financial sector, which is critical to enabling banks, in turn, to support growth.

The financial-services industry must also play its part.

Banks must provide the finance to households and businesses to enable them to succeed. As in those African economies, it is the banks that provide the oxygen to sustain growth.

But governments must set the lead in creating the conditions that encourage consumers and businesses to believe in themselves with renewed confidence. Join them.

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The Difference Between Emerging And Frontier Markets

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