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The cast, marketing, release strategies, and spends are all geared towards making the best of that narrow window. What that often results in is not enough leaps of faith.

When producer Ashi Dua was ready with her anthology Lust Stories , she realized that the audience for a film like hers would not be found in a theatre. What over-the-top OTT platforms like Netflix have done is they have given content creators a voice without the unnecessary, accompanying fear of a slew of other factors that come in the way while making a film in India.

The country is so huge that marketing a movie far and wide can get difficult and expensive.

There will be no bitching or elbowing people out for theatre space. While Web streaming may be the new Wild West in the world of Indian entertainment, new forays often come with their own set of challenges. Nobody has figured out a viable and sustainable way to make money on the Web yet.

Stream Of Life Season 3 - Ken Erics 2017 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

And producing a good movie or mini-series costs money. Given the fact that the market is at a nascent stage and competition is intense, most players, including foreign entities with deep pockets like Netflix and Amazon, are not even looking at returns. The attempt is to just keep head above water, for now.

And it is precisely this lack of expectation, at least for the time being, that is encouraging a lot of B-town aspirants to make a beeline for the world of streaming. All the actors that were waiting in the wings are getting opportunities.

Stream Of Life - Poem by Rabindranath Tagore

Their work is being appreciated way more than many mainstream actors and the content is doing better than a lot of the A-list films. Divyenndu also admitted that casting for the Web is much more democratic and merit-based She would have never been able to do the same for a feature film without A-list stars," Mathur said. Conventional television, on the other hand, is still driven by the need for ratings and continues to be a medium catering to the most common denominator.

We actually perceive the world in rhythmic pulses rather than as a continuous flow. Some of the first hints of this new understanding came as early as the s, when physiologists discovered brain waves: rhythmic electrical currents measurable on the surface of the scalp by means of electroencephalography. Subsequent research cataloged a spectrum of such rhythms alpha waves, delta waves and so on that correlated with various mental states, such as calm alertness and deep sleep. Researchers also found that the properties of these rhythms varied with perceptual or cognitive events.

The phase and amplitude of your brain waves, for example, might change if you saw or heard something, or if you increased your concentration on something, or if you shifted your attention. But those early discoveries themselves did not change scientific thinking about the stream-like nature of conscious perception. Recently, however, scientists have flipped this thinking on its head. We are exploring the possibility that brain rhythms are not merely a reflection of mental activity but a cause of it, helping shape perception, movement, memory and even consciousness itself.

In his work, you hear God's voice and see with His eyes. If you are intent on capturing a worthwhile one, you need to stand very still, focus very hard on somewhere outside yourself, and then simply ignore it until it gets so close that it tickles your ankles. Then, pounce. Every moment more and more of the trees shook off their robes of snow.

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Soon, wherever you looked, instead of white shapes you saw the dark green of firs or the black prickly branches of bare oaks and beeches and elms. Then the mist turned from white to gold and presently cleared away altogether. Shafts of delicious sunlight struck down on to the forest floor and overhead you could see a blue sky between the tree tops. Soon there were more wonderful things happening. Coming suddenly round a corner into a glade of silver birch trees Edmund saw the ground covered in all directions with little yellow flowers- celandines.

The Six Streams

The noise of water grew louder. Presently they actually crossed a stream. Beyond it they found snowdrops growing. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

A Stellar Stream in the Milky Way Provides Evidence of Dark Substructure

The water flowing gently over the pebbled bed was gin clear, having been filtered through the Hampshire chalk hills. As long as people comply with the idea of "trying hard" they will constantly remain in a place of heaviness. The opposite of this is the state of allowing, of setting out the intentions of what you wish, putting in the required action and not self-sabotaging yourself by "trying hard" or expecting results to unfold in a particular way.

Anything that's worth something to you in life such as love, abundance, freedom, peace is in a continuous state of flow. A state of lightness is the only way to allow yourself to go with the flow of things.

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  • Heaviness only makes you become a rocky solid object at the bottom of the stream. You can see the flow of things in the life of others who embody the lightness, but you yourself become unmovable in your state of heaviness, as if blocking the flow from reaching you.